CSR is an acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility, indicating the responsibility corporations hold as active members of society.
It's necessary to take social responsibility for continuous development of the group.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance group has established a CSR promotion office for carrying on continuous activity.
The activity of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance group is as follows.


Support for social contribution
* Through Insurance Services
Through insurance and financial services, bringing security and safety to people and businesses around the world, and making a lasting contribution to the enrichment of society
* Activities outside Insurance Services
Contributions and donations, Educational Support and Seminars etc.
- Cultural Promotion
- Road Safety and Promotion of Elderly Welfare
- Sports Promotion, Sports Sponsorship for the Physically Challenged
- The Activities of the “Smile Heart Club”
(A voluntary contribution of the last two digits of employees' paychecks plus any number of 100 yen donation entries is contributed by its members and used to fund NPO sponsorship and volunteer activities.)
- Local Contribution Work by Employees and Agents
- Systems and Performances to support the activities

Environmental Activities
All business activities inevitably have some impact upon the environment.
To sustain a clean environment for our next generation, we, as a business conducting insurance activities, will provide environmentally friendly products and services to the society.
As global citizens, we will be socially responsible for the environment, reducing CO2, the main cause of global warming, as well as working towards other environmental measures.

- Indonesia Reforestation Project
- Surugadai Building(H.O.) Green Space
- Biodiversity Conservation Project
- Public Environmental Workshop
- Eco-Friendly Products and Services