The enterprise outline (company introduction)
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Korea branch was established as Korea branch office on October 8th in 2002 first for Japanese non-life Insurance company to offer the service and the insurance goods which are non-life insurance balanced most "the impressed quality" to the domestic market and a domestic customers directly and contribute to Korean enterprises and society since opened a residence office in Seoul in November, 1977.

The value of the enterprise is being raised through stable asset management, risk management carried without exception and lawful management to grow into the highest level of enterprise of its kind in the domestic. Also, we are
not satisfy to being peacefully in the stiff financial structure of our parent company but developing various activity enthusiastically through a business tie-up with forward insurance companies of each country and affiliated companies of globalized group.

The solvency margin ratio of the Korea branch office is 390.6% currently as of September in fiscal year 2014 With such financial outcomes, we'll be the most high-quality company by the Korean insurance industry which is answered to rapid environmental changes of the financial industry, trusted respected, and loved by customers’ cardinal point through various product development and personnel's financial specialization according to the financial needs of domestic personal and enterprise customer. Thank you.

MSIK Organization Chart