Necessary documents on fire, property insurance case

* Common documents

  1. Payment Oder Form
  2. Accident circumstance declaration
  3. Company identification
  4. A power of attorney for receipt of insurance money
  5. A certificate mandator’s seal impression
  6. A certificate of fire from Fire station / A certificate of accident from police office

* Building

  1. Building management book of district office
  2. Building registration form of registry office
  3. Repairing quotation, receipts of building
  4. lease evidence, etc

* Inventory

  1. Inventory, loss list
  2. cost statement
  3. Manufacturing contract, Operation order
  4. Transaction statement
  5. low material purchasing statement
  6. Finished product sales statement
  7. Closing statement, etc

* Machinery

  1. Quotation on new product
  2. Import permit
  3. Quotation on repairing(Including of expert opinion)
  4. Quotation of purchasing
  5. Lease, rental contract
  6. Statement of purchasing
  7. Asset books

* Furniture/Fixtures

  1. Quotation of repairing(Expert opinion on repairing)
  2. Quotation of new product
  3. Quotation of purchasing
  4. Lease, rental contract
  5. Asset books
  6. Contract agreement on selling, buying

* Other necessary documents :
If we need some more evidence for the settlement, we will let you know.